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BRAC Overview

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) is the process for the Department of Defense to transform its infrastructure to meet the future needs of the military. All branches of the military, will dispose of surplus property, as a result of closures and realignments, by way of very specific methods and processes mandated by law. The methodology of BRAC as well as other valuable information is available on the office of Economic Adjustment website at

BRAC 2005 closes the Horsham Memorial Army Reserve Center on Easton Road in Horsham Township. A military enclave consisting of the relocated Army Reserve units and the 111th Air National Guard and the 270th Engineers will remain in Horsham Township on the former U.S. Air Force Reserve Center located near the intersection of County Line and Easton Roads. The units at the Horsham Memorial US Army Reserve Center will also be located on the military enclave. The name of the new installation will be "Horsham Air Guard Station".

On May 9, 2006, the Horsham Memorial Army Reserve Center was declared surplus property by the Department of Defense. Public Notice of available surplus property was published on June 8, 2006 with Notice of Interest (NOI) due from homeless providers and other groups eligible for public benefit conveyances on October 6, 2006. The HLRA completed the facility Reuse Plan and submitted to HUD for approval on July 2, 2007. Supplemental information was requested of the HLRA by HUD and HUD accepted Hatboro-Horsham School District Reuse Plan on October 31, 2007.

On February 20, 2011, the HLRA received the Final Environmental Assessment for BRAC 2005 Recommendations for Closure, Disposal, and Reuse of the Horsham Memorial United States Army Reserve Center. The Environmental Assessment is one of the steps required as part of all BRAC actions. The Reuse Plan was found to have No Significant Impact and, after a 30 day comment period, the Department of Defense will take steps to dispose of the property via a transfer though the U.S. Department of Education to Hatboro-Horsham School District to use in part for an addition to the bus garage operation and the remainder by Hallowell Elementary School.

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