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Wednesday, July 18 2018



WEDNESDAY • JULY 18, 2018 • 3:30 PM


In Attendance:

Authority Board

W. William Whiteside, III, Chair      

Joanna M. Furia Esq., Vice Chair                  

William Donnelly                                          

Dr. Curtis Griffin                               

Mark McCouch

HLRA Staff

Michael J. McGee

Tom Ames

Larry Burns

William Walker (absent)

Mary Eberle, Esquire


Chairman Whiteside called the meeting to order at 3:37 p.m. in the Horsham Water & Sewer Authority meeting room at 617 Horsham Road, Horsham PA 19044 and led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Mr. Whiteside noted that the Board had just finished an Executive Session to discuss litigation. 

Mr. Whiteside asked if there were any questions or comments from the public and there were none. 

Mr. Whiteside asked for the will of the Board regarding minutes of the HLRA meeting on April 18, 2017. It was moved by Mr. Donnelly, second by Mr. McCouch to approve the minutes for the April 18, 2018 HLRA meeting. All voted in favor, motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Whiteside asked Mr. McGee for the Executive Director’s Report.

Mr. McGee confirmed that the HLRA’s Grant from DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) closed out at the end of April 2018 and that we were approved for funding under a new grant for an additional 12-month period through April 30, 2019. 

Mr. McGee confirmed that HLRA Staff had attended the Association of Defense Communities (“ADC”) Summit in June in Washington, DC and that ADC and many of the attendees were certainly on the band wagon revolving around the serious concerns of PFC contamination. The Summit had numerous programs revolving around PFC contamination in the vicinity of former and active duty military bases. ADC has lobbied heavily at the EPA national level in support of us and other closed and active duty bases.

Mr. McGee confirmed that in June and again in early July 2018 that HLRA staff held joint meetings with the EPA, PADEP and the Navy. Cosmo Servidio, the EPA Region 3 Administrator and formerly of PADEP, committed to “make something good happen”.  He will try to help his staff move forward in establishing PFC standards for soil and water, and to evaluate if PFC’s should be classified as a contaminant under CERCLA.  He further committed to meet with the HLRA staff in the future.  

Mr. McGee discussed the S.E. Clear Zone property Public Benefit Conveyance which had been applied for and approved by the US Department of the Interior.  The Navy has prepared a Finding of Suitability to Transfer (“FOST”) and have shared it with the EPA and PADEP for their review and comment.  Both have promised a quick review of the document.  Once the EPA and PADEP review and provide comment on the FOST, it will be then forwarded to the US Department of the Interior for their review and approval.  With their approval, it is presumed that the 8.5 acre S.E. Clear Zone property may then be transferred to the township in the months ahead.


Mr. McGee confirmed that the EPA was scheduled to host a public engagement session next week at the Hatboro-Horsham High School.  Various panels are expected to make presentations.  Local panels of Warminster, Warrington, Warwick and Horsham will be presenting and discussing local PFC contamination.  Horsham’s panel will include the township, the water and sewer authority and the HLRA.  After the panels, an EPA listing session will be held from 2:30 to 9 pm where individuals may provide comment.  While PFC’s have certainly delayed the base redevelopment, our foremost concern is for the health and welfare of our current and future citizens.

Mr. McGee confirmed that a Restoration Advisory Board (“RAB”) Meeting had taken place on May 30th and asked Mr. Ames to provide comments on the event.

Mr. Ames noted the RAB Meeting of May 30th was again an evening meeting and attendance was fairly good.  Sites 3 and 12 continue to be monitored by the EPA and DEP and the volatile organic compound contamination are being reduced through the bio-degradation processes.  A draft Phase 1 Remedial Investigation is expected to be made available in late 2018.  A draft plan for a soil removal action is being prepared by the Navy and expected to be available next week. The Horsham Air Guard’s presentation discussed the investigation of the site where jet fuel was spilled in the 1970’s; underground storage tanks and impacted soil were removed in 2016, and the expectation of soil sampling to begin in the summer of 2018.  Further, the HAGS Final Facility Investigation report on PFCs was approved and now available. Mr. Ames discussed the temporary GAC treatment facility which was installed by the Air Guard to filter PFC’s from much of the water flowing off the base from the large stormwater basin from the south west corner of the Horsham Air Guard Station.  Initially, the system was doing a good job filtering PFC’s, but the system is now being clogged with organics in the surface water.  The Air Guard is reviewing pre-treatment options to filter out organic compounds and to return the unit to proper function.  Mr. Ames also noted the Air Guard is moving ahead with a plan to place permanent filtering systems on the old Navy Wells. 

Mr. Ames also confirmed that after the RAB Meeting, the PA Department of Health made a presentation regarding their pilot blood testing program.  The Department of Health has sent 2 different random mailings for volunteers for blood testing, but have not gotten the 500 volunteers that they were planning to test.


Mr. Whiteside asked Ms. Eberle for the Solicitor’s Report. Ms. Eberle stated that she had no report for this meeting.

Mr. Whiteside asked for the will of the Board regarding the list of checks. It was moved by Ms. Furia, seconded by Mr. Donnelly, to approve the list of checks in the amount of $75,220.60. All voted in favor, motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Whiteside inquired of Mr. McGee if there was any additional new business.  Mr. McGee confirmed he had none.


Mr. Whiteside announced that the next Horsham Land Redevelopment Authority meeting would be on October 18, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. at the Horsham Library Community Room. 

Mr. Whiteside announced that after the meeting an additional Executive Session would be held to continue discussion from the earlier session.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:12 pm.




William T. Walker

HLRA Secretary

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